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Rachel Hammon

PAC Council


Being a PAC CONTRIBUTOR is being a voice for others

Texas Home Care & Hospice PAC Contributors 

PAC contributors are active members who not only give generously financially but also with their time and expertise. They visit legislators and speak with them about issues that affect the home care and hospice industry, advocating for quality care. 

Pictured are TAHC&H leadership with State Representative Sarah Davis (R-Houston). 

Because the healthcare industry, specifically the home health and hospice, is heavily regulated by state and federal government, the issues we monitor are diverse. Examples include medicare, medicaid and licensures.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to receive quality care at home. PAC giving is one way to ensure home care and hospice clients and patients' voices are heard.

Our Mission

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The Texas Home Care & Hospice PAC supports legislators who believe that people should have the opportunity to access quality home care and hospice services. Funded by personal contributions from Texas Association for Home Care & Hospice (TAHC&H) members, the PAC supports TAHC&H's political advocacy efforts to ensure that the industry has a strong voice from beginning to end of the political process. Be involved, know the issues and give to the PAC!


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Advocacy in Action

  • Monitor industry issues
  • Provide expertise in home care & hospice.
  • Build/Strengthen relationships with lawmakers.
  • Political action in Washington, D.C. and Austin.

Jerre Van Den Bent

PAC Council


Meet Our Team

Texas Home Care and Hospice PAC's efforts would not be successful without your active support. Volunteer leadership contribute their time, expertise and financial support to protecting the home care and hospice industry and the patients they serve.